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How do you tailor a trade fair to your needs?

Choosing a particular trade fair event is often not an easy decision. It is worthwhile to take the trouble to analyse an event in terms of 4 key aspects.
When planning to participate in trade fairs, you must be aware that the demand for your products decreases at certain times. Considering seasonality, you can choose the most interesting trade fair events.
The presence of competitors, especially market leaders, can attest to the rank of the fair. However, your clients should be your top priority. You can check statistics from previous years and choose the most popular trade fair.
You should consider not only the city but also the location of the exhibition grounds. Some limitations, such as difficult access and lack of parking, discourage potential visitors.
Information about the organiser will help you probe whether they are experienced in organising this type of events. The fair trade operator is also an excellent source of information on the quantity and quality of exhibitors and visitors.
what kind of stand
fits your company?
Important questions

Are you thinking about how to prepare to attend a trade fair? Start by answering the following questions.

A perfect stand is one that is open and inviting to the customer. The stand should be made visible at the fair, it marks the place where the commercial offer is presented. Lightweight design and adequate lighting give a sense of comfort, a feeling of order and tidiness. White colouring and minimalism are dominant among designs, but the colour scheme should correspond to the image of your company. The way the stand is presented depends on the character of the company – the exhibitor and the fair. You should equip your stand with something that will attract the clients’ attention, these may include: illuminated products in display cases; suspensions; visible logos; screens; banners, etc. The stand’s location in the exhibition hall is also important. Your design depends on the location agreed with the promoter. The best solution is having a location that allows access to the stand from all four sides and being located next to a large neighbour. Visitor comfort should be a priority. A stand which does not limit visibility, yet features eye-catching and easily remembered elements, e.g.: spatial or suspended elements. The stand is meant to attract potential clients. There is a lot going on there. There may be presentations, contests and sales talks. It is a good idea to build a conference room that will allow you and your guests to have a quiet conversation away from the hustle and bustle. Technical facilities make it easier to maintain order and, depending on needs, prepare refreshments for example. The visitor visually evaluates the stand before entering it. The information conveyed by colours, shapes and signs is of great importance.
The choice of exhibition stand will depend on the budget allocated to set it up. A system stand is a good solution for exhibitors looking for economical solutions while maintaining high quality and aesthetics of workmanship. However, the system itself has some limitations in terms of shape, due to the use of prefabricated components. The individual stand gives you more options. It helps create a unique design. You can play with unusual shapes and forms. Realise the most creative ideas, add elements that are highly innovative and eye-catching. The only limitation in this case may be the size of your wallet.
The starting point for discussions with a stand construction contractor is your decision to participate in a selected trade fair. That is why it is not worth waiting with the stand design, as you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with offers from several companies – compare them thoroughly and choose an optimal solution. A very good solution is to entrust the handling of all trade fairs in which you participate to the same company. Thus, you will gain time and will not have to prepare a brief for every fair, conduct price negotiations, discuss all the details and the functionality of the stand.
The price depends on the type of stand ordered and is presented to you individually when creating a specific design. Planning for trade fair participation requires determining the required budget. Its size depends on what goal you want to achieve by participating in the trade fair. A large and impressive stand will help you showcase your strong position in the market. The more visitors it attracts the greater the chance of expanding your company’s client base.
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